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The Axe: R.K. Narayan

The Axe: R.K. Narayan I. Multiple Choice Questions: Q.01. Who foretold that Velan would live in a big house? (a) Father (b) Villagers (c) An astrologer (d) A friend Ans: (c) An astrologer Q.02. At what age did Velan leave home? (a) Sixteen (b) Seventeen (c) Eighteen (d) Twenty Ans: (c) Eighteen Q.03. In Velan’s opinion, big mansion existed only in: (a) Heaven (b) Hell (c) Swarg Loka (d) Big cities Ans: (c) Swarg Loka Q.04. Which tree was most dear to Velan? (a) Banyan (b) Pipal (c) Margosa (d) Asoka Ans: (c) Margosa Q.05. R.K. Narayan was a: (a) Short story writer (b) Poet (c) Historian (d) Dramatist Ans: (a) Short story writer Q.06. Name the fictitious town of R.K. Narayan: (a) Wessex (b) Malgudi (c) Hogwarts (d) Xanadu Ans: (b) Malgudi Q.07. Kumar Baugh was called as: (a) Palatial home (b) Old home (c) Lonely mansion (d) Ghost house Ans: (d) Ghost house Q.08. Who says, ‘Don’t cut yet. I am still within hearing.’? (a) Owner of the house (b) Labourer (c) Velan (d) Villager

The Cherry Tree: Ruskin Bond

The Cherry Tree: Ruskin Bond I. Objective Type Questions: 01. Who is the author of 'The Cherry Tree'? a. Ruskin Bond b. R.K. Narayan c. M.R. Anand d. Tagore Ans: a. Ruskin Bond 02. Who is the protagonist of 'The Cherry Tree'? a. Rakesh (Raki) b. Ramesh c. Suresh d. Kamlesh Ans: a. Rakesh (Raki) 03. Give the name of the hero of 'The Cherry Tree': a. Raki b. Ruskin c. Frost d. Huxley Ans:  a. Raki 04. The cherry tree was special because it was planted by: a. Themselves b. Ruskin c. The gardener d. None of them Ans:  d. None of them 05. Raki sowed a cherry tree in his: a. Friend's yard b. Grandfather's garden c. Own garden d. In the garden of his school Ans: b. Grandfather's garden 06. What was Raki eating on his way home? a. Berries b. Apples c. Cherries d. Blue berries Ans:  c. Cherries 07. The first fruit that Raki tested was: a. Sweet b. Salty c. Sour d. Bitter Ans: c. Sour 08. How many times was the cherry tree destroyed? a.Thrice b. Twice

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening: Robert Frost

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening: Robert Frost I. Objective Type Questions: 01. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is a poem by: i. John Keats ii. Wordsworth iii. Robert Frost iv. Whitman Ans: Robert Frost 02. Robert Frost belongs to: i. India ii. America iii. England iv. China Ans: America 03. The owner of the woods lives in: i. City ii. Town iii. Village iv. None of the above Ans: Village 04. He gives his harness bells a shake. ‘He’ stands for: i. Poet ii. Woods iii. Horse iv. Reader Ans: Horse 05. At the end of the poem the poet wants to: i. Enter the woods ii. Go to sleep iii. Keep his promises iv. Go home Ans: Keep his promises 06. When was Robert Frost born? i. 1871 ii. 1872 iii. 1873 iv. 1874 Ans: 1874 07. When did Robert Frost die? i. 1961 ii. 1962 iii. 1963 iv. 1964 Ans: 1963 II. Short Answer Type Questions: 01. What does the poet observe about the woods? Ans: The poet observes that the woods are lovely, dark and deep filled with snow. 02. Where does the poet st

The Daffodils by William Wordsworth: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

01. Who is William Wordsworth? (a) A poet (b) A playwright (c) An essayist (d) A novelist Ans: (a) A poet 02. Wordsworth is: (a) A playwright (b) A story teller (c) An essayist (d) A poet Ans: (d) A poet 03. William Wordsworth is a: (a) Classical poet (b) Neo- Classical poet (c) Romantic poet (d) Modern poet Ans: (c) Romantic poet 04. Wordsworth is associated with: (a) Romanticism (b) Realism (c) Modernism (d) Postmodernism Ans: (a) Romanticism 05. William Wordsworth belongs to: (a) England (b) India (c) France (d) Germany Ans: (a) England 06. Wordsworth was born in: (a) Ireland (b) Scotland (c) Wales (d) England Ans: (d) England 07. When was William Wordsworth born? (a) O7 April 1773 (b) O7 April 1772 (c) O7 April 1771 (d) O7 April 1770 Ans: (d) O7 April 1770 08. Where was William Wordsworth born? (a) London (b) Cockermouth, Cumberland (c) Stuttgart (d) Verginia Ans: (b) Cockermouth, Cumberland 09. Cockermouth, Cumberland was located in the: (a) London (b) Oxford (c) Lake Distr