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Donne as a Love Poet

 John Donne is the centre of the metaphysical school of poetry. This school is known for its style. This style is marked by the use of conceits, wit, learning, elaboration and passionate thinking. John Donne is the founder of this school. Thus his poetry has all these qualities. His poetry falls into three divisions. Amorous poetry is one of them. John Donne is known as a great love poet. His love poems show his intense personal moods as a lover and analyst of his own experience. It is said that Donne was a frequent visitor of ladies. He developed love affairs and friendship with a number of women. He fell in love with Anne More and eloped with her and married. He was imprisoned for his love. His experience of love made him a great love poet. Thus his love poems are based not on conventions but on his own experience. John Donne has composed a number of love songs. They are intense and subtle analysis of lover's moods. They at times mingle with sensuality and finest wit like tha

Morning Song By Sylvia Plath

 Sylvia Plath is one of the most renowned American poets of the 20th century. She has written many memorable poems. They deal with the experiments and tensions of domestic life and motherhood. Morning Song' is one of them. This fine poem is in the dramatic monologue. 'Morning Song' reveals the feelings of a mother for her baby. It echoes with a mother's love for her new born baby. In short, this poem expresses motherly fondness and pride. It expresses mixed feelings of compassion, apathy and anxiety. 'Morning Song' deals with motherhood. It starts with the arrival of a new baby. This new born baby is the result of love between husband and wife. The baby is too tiny to respond. But the mother makes conversation in a loving tone with it. Her manner is like that of a detached observer but not indifferent. The baby made its entry into this world with a bald cry. The baby's cry attracts the attention of the parents and other people. The baby is like a new stat

THE ECSTASY By Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu is one of the greatest Indo-Anglican poets. She is called the nightingale of India. She is remembered as a poetess for the 'Golden Threshold', 'The Bird of Time' and 'The Broken Wing'. Her poetry is conspicuous for the vivid presentation of Indian atmosphere. Her poetry shows the influence of English Romantic poets. Despite her interest in the presentation of Indian atmosphere, Naidu shows no awareness for depicting contemporary reality. Sarojini Naidu is a great nature poet. Her 'Ecstasy' is a marvellous piece of work. It is taken from her collection of poem entitled 'The Bird of Time'. The joyous experience of the spring season echoes in this poem. The poem reveals her aesthetic and sensuous attitude towards nature. When the poet beholds the beauties of spring, her heart leaps up. The fantastic beauty of the spring takes the poet away from the world of sorrow. Thus she invites all to celebrate and enjoy the spring season. Sar