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Emerson: An Introduction

Emerson is a very popular writer of America. He was born in 1803. After graduation he became clergy of a Boston church. This great author married in 1829 but his wife left this world in 1831. He resigned from the post of clergy in 1832 because he could not conduct those religious rituals in which he did not believe. After resignation Emerson went to Europe and stayed there for almost a year. During his stay in England he met Wordsworth, Coleridge and Carlyle. They became his lifelong friends. On his return he moved from Boston to Concord, a nearby town. He married again in 1835. After that he started his writing and began to deliver lectures in the USA. He delivered nearly 1500 lectures in all. His lectures were the principal means of support of his life. Emerson’s literary flowering took place during 1834 to 1844. During this period he formulated his basic ideas and wrote several essays for which he is popular today. At the start of his literary career he appeared as a c

Chekhov’s Death of a Clerk: A Critical Appreciation

Abstract   The present paper proposes to undertake a deep study of the Death of a Clerk .   This beautiful short story has been written by Anton Chekhov, a prominent story teller of Russia. This story has been translated into English from Russian by Ivy Litvinov. This translation of Ivy Litvinov has been made the basis of the present study. The period of 1880-1885 is a very important period in the career of Anton Chekhov. During this period he wrote hundreds of humorous tales. They show a keen sense of the social scene and of the incongruities of life. These tales reveal a deep feeling for human injustice and suffering. In these stories Anton Chekhov attempted to see things as they were and to deal with them as he saw them. According to him a reasoned life without a clear-cut point of view is not a life, but a burden and a horror. This was a strange idea for that day but it played a significant role in his works. Chekhov’s Death of a Clerk is one of them. It beautifully presents

Santiago: A character Sketch

The Old Man and the Sea is a masterpiece of literary art and craft by Ernest Hemingway. Here he has selected a common man as his hero. His name is Santiago who is an old fisherman. He is the most honourable and finest example of the code hero. This central figure has specified characteristics. This ordinary man is invested with the qualities of bravery, resolution and endurance. We are moved by his solitary, dignified and self-sufficient valour. The story of the novel is the study of the mind and temperament of Santiago’s mind. Santiago is an old fisherman. He is lean and thin. There are deep wrinkles in the back of his neck. His face has brown blotches. He handles heavy fish on the cords. Thus his hands have deep creased scars. None of these scars are fresh. Except his eyes everything about him is old. His eyes have the colour of the sea. They look cheerful and undefeated. The old man’s name has specific meaning. In Spanish Santiago means Saint James. Saint James w

Hemingway: A Great Novelist

Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest novelists of the twentieth century. He is an artist of great versatility and vitality. He is credited with the creation of a new style of writing. This new style suited his purpose eminently. The Old Man and the Sea is considered to be his masterpiece. It is treated as classic of world literature. Hemingway is an excellent story teller. It is one of the important features of his novels. It preserves the liking and attention of the readers. The story of The Old Man and the Sea is very interesting. Its plot is very simple but gripping. It deals with the story of an old Cuban fisherman named Santiago. He is unfortunate and alone. After a long gap he gets success in catching a big sea-fish named Marlin. With great effort he does so. Through his innate genius and the power of narrative, Hemingway turns Santiago’s adventure into a brilliant work of art. The descriptions are vivid and realistic. The action is thriving and exciting. Santiag