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  Nirad C. Chaudhuri is one of the most prolific writers of Indian-English prose. He is indeed a top class Indo-Anglican writer. He has written a number of essays on various subjects. He is a peerless as a craftsman. He has contributed 14 books in English and Bengali. He came into fame as a prominent writer with the publication of his 'An Autobiography of an Unknown Indian.'             Chaudhari's 'My Birth Place' is a fantastic prose piece. It is the first chapter of his most famous book named 'An Autobiography of an Unknown Indian.' In this piece the author has described the scenario of his birthplace Kishoreganj. This place has an indelible impression on the author's mind. The descriptions of the Brahamputra River during the rainy season are extremely readable. "My Birth-Place' deals with Kishoreganj, the birth place of the author. This is a country town. The author describes it as a municipal and sub-divisional head q

Night of the Scorpion: A Summary

Nissim Ezekiel is a great Indo-Anglican poet. Versatility is the outstanding characteristic of his poetry. His poetry portrays the social aspect of India with humanistic strain. He has experimented endlessly with form and craft. Flawless craftsmanship makes his poetry unique. 'Night of the Scorpion' is a brilliant poem by Nissim Ezekiel. It has been taken from poet's famous anthology named 'The Exact Name'. Here the poet has presented a vivid and authentic picture of rural India. The poem juxtaposes the two worlds of superstition and scientific temperament. The narrator presents the psychological picture of his mother, father and villagers in the poem. It exposes the illiteracy, ignorance and blind faith prevalent in the country. This poem ends with a typical comment of narrator's mother who feels relief that her children were spread of suffering. 'Night of the Scorpion' has a dramatic beginning. The author reminds the night when his mother was stu


            Belloc is a versatile prose writer. He belongs to the 20th century. He is remembered for the lucidity and grace of his essays. 'On Preserving English' is a very fine essay by Belloc.           Belloc is a personal essayist. He can be compared with Lucas and Lynd. In his essays we find brilliant wisdom and seriousness. The essay 'On Preserving English' is a light- hearted comment on a highly serious subject like the preservation of English.           Belloc chose a variety of themes for his essays. A number of his essays are significant for novelty, humour and spirits of informality. In the present essay Belloc discusses the drifting tendency of the English people. He warns the scholars of English against this mentality. He says to them that if they want to preserve the purity of English, they should leave the policy of drift.           In 'On Preserving English' Belloc talks about the dangers against the preservation of Eng


Oscar Wilde is a great short story writer of  England . By the sharpness of his intellect he presented himself as a writer of enduring merit. He becomes very famous for his witty and brilliant conversation. He was the follower of Pater. He accepted Pater's doctrine. He blended his own cynicism with it. Aesthetic movement and decadence are the terms associated with his creed. Thus he is called a decadent writer. As a story writer Wilde has cultivated high artifice in style and bizarre in subject matter. He prefers elaborate dress over the normal. He challenges the accepted social, moral and artistic norms. The appeal of his writings is intellectual. His chief aim is to jolt his readers out of complacency. He has a polished style. His breath is scintillating. We find charming fancies and quaint humour in his stories. The Happy Prince is one of the finest short stories by Oscar Wilde. Here he criticises the insensitivity, selfishness and shallow thinking of men. According to him