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Question: What is Lyric?
Answer:Lyric is an important form of poetry. It is a short poem which is fit to be sung or recited. The term lyric denotes a poem of limited length expressing the thoughts and feelings of single speaker.
Example: [1] Wordsworth's The Solitary Reaper [2] Rossetti's The Song [3] Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn


Question: What is Sonnet?

Answer: Sonnet is a very important verse form. It contains fourteen lines and each line consists of five iambic feet. The first eight lines are called octave and the last six sestette. Sonnet is of various types as- Miltonic Sonnet, Petrarchan Sonnet, Shakespearean Sonnet and Spenserian Sonnet. Example: [1] Shakespeare's Love God. [2] Milton's On His Blindness. [3] Donne's Death, Be Not Proud.


No New Land is Vassanji’s second novel. It is a poignant story of the immigrant experience. It creates a rich portrait of a transplanted community. Here Vassanji appears as a keen observer of lives caught between one world and another. What distinguishes Vassanji’s work from that of other diasporic writers is its vibrant, affectionate depiction of the double migration of his South Asian characters? At the centre of Vassanji’s fiction is the Indian Shamsi community. The members of this community make their first voyage to East Africa in the late 19th century as part of the labour mobility within the British Empire, working as semi skilled labourers, small traders, and junior colonial functionaries. Starting out as shopkeepers and businessmen settling on the coast of British East Africa and German East Africa, they possessed the necessary linguistic and political inside knowledge to assist the colonial administration in ruling an inaccessible and unruly hinterland. Their role as marginal…


Globalization has had a huge impact on thinking across the humanities, redefining the understanding of fields such as communication, culture, politics, and literature. The impact of globalization on culture and literature is quite significant.  The discipline of literary studies is undergoing dramatic transformation. The term ‘Globalization’ is tentatively defined as the interconnectedness. Modern technologies such as satellite communications and World Wide Web have made drastic changes in dissemination of various forms of literature and quite relevantly information explosion has played a central role in distribution of social and cultural packages all around the globe.People can even read novels, poetry, short stories, songs, and plays online now. A person in India can read Dostoyevsky or Chekhov in his own language and vice-versa - a Russian student can look up Indian authors on the internet. With globalization, it is nearly impossible to stop the spread of ideas, for its very natur…


The part which Veer Kunwar Singh played in the First War of Independence marks a glorious chapter in the chequered history of our country.He was destined to become a martyr for the cause of India's independence. When India rose against the British authority in 1857, Kunwar Singh was already past his prime being nearly 80 years old. Despite his age and failing health, when the call to fight came, the old lion plunged into the thick of it and for nearly a year battled fiercely against the British and allied forces with grim determination and undaunted courage. He remained invincible till the end. Kunwar Singh was born in Jagdishpur in Shahabad (Now Bhojpur,Ara) District of Bihar in 1777. He belonged to a royal Parmar Kshatriya (Rajput) family of Jagdishpur. His ancestors belonged to the dynasty of the great Raja Vikramaditya as well as Raja Bhoj of Malwa. Kunwar Singh, the light and lion of Bihar, actively led a select band of armed soldiers against the troops under the command of th…


Feminism has played a significant role in the contemporary literary criticism. It strongly advocates in favour of women. It deals with their problem of existence. It emphasizes on the equality of sexes and revolts against the discrimination against them. In the 1960s and 1970s feminism was primarily Western but since 1980s we find a large number of non-western writers getting seriously engaged in feminist debates. This has become an incessant support for the improvement and empowerment of women The feminists criticize a second and other place of women in society. They believe that the patriarchal system of society has been the root cause of women’s suffering. As a polemical movement its primary concern in literary criticism was to explore and combat the stereotype representation of women in literature. This marks an significant connection between literary criticism and feminism as a social movement. Feminist movement creates self awareness in women. This self awareness helps to improve …