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An Introduction by Kamala Das: A critical Appreciation - Sandal S Anshu

An Introduction is a very popular poem by a prominent Indian poet named Kamala Das. It has been written in a confessional tone. It is  feminine in theme and feminine in tone. The life of the poet finds beautiful expression in this poem.  It has been taken from her first collection of poems named Summer in Calcutta .  Here Kamala Das represents Indian women. An Introduction is an autobiographical poem. It displays Kamala's own mental and emotional state. Here the poet has expressed her anger against patriarchy. The speaker of the poem feels that the patriarchal system of society is the real culprit. It puts hindrances in the way of the development of Indian women. Due to this system of society the women of India are suffering from exploitation. They are compelled to lead a life of slavery. They are not provided proper opportunities to flourish. Their emotions are not appreciated. They have no identity at all. They have no participation in decision- making.  They have n

An Introduction by Kamala Das - Sandal S Anshu

Kamala Das is a prominent Indian poet who is now no more in this world. She is primarily a confessional poet. Her poems are feminine in theme and feminine in tone. In this context she can be compared with Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. Kamala's best known work is My Story. It is an autobiography of Kamala Das. It is regarded as a classic.      Kamala Das's popular collections of poetry are Summer in Calcutta (1965), The Descendants (1967) and The Old Playhouse and Other Poems (1973).      Kamala's An Introduction is a very popular poem. It is taken from her first collection of poems named   Summer in Calcutta . It has been written in a confessional tone. The life of the poet finds beautiful expression in this poem. The following is the text of that poem: An Introduction: Kamala Das I don't know politics but I know the names Of those in power, and can repeat them like Days of week, or names of months, beginning with Nehru. I am Indian, very brown, born in Ma

Ibsen: An Introduction

Henrik Johan Ibsen is popularly known as Ibsen. He is a great Norwegian playwright. He is considered as the father of modern theatre. He is known as the father of realism too. In the mid 19th century Ibsen earned a great acclaim as the playwright of A Doll's House. This play was first performed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1879. This revolutionary play challenged core societal ideas about family life.     Ibsen was born on 20 March 1828. The name of his birthplace was Skein. Skein was a port town in Norway. He was the son of a wealthy merchant. He struggled hard to find financial success for him. He spent maximum time of his life in Italy and Germany. The majority of his plays were written in Italy and Germany but Norway was taken as the setting of those plays. This great playwright passed away in 1906 in Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway.     Ibsen composed many plays. The list of his popular plays is as follows: 01. Catiline (1850) 02. The Burial Mound (1850) 03. St. John's E

The Golden Treasury of Indo Anglian Poetry by V.K. Gokak: A Short Note

  The Golden Treasury of Indo Anglian Poetry is a very popular collection of poems. It has been edited by Vinayak Krishna Gokak. Gokak is an eminent author of Karnataka. He is a scholar of English as well as Kannada literature. He received Jnanpith Award for his outstanding contribution to literature in 1990. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});      The Golden Treasury of Indo Anglian Poetry is a collection of English verse written by Indian authors. It includes selected poems of all the eminent Indian poets. In this collection the following poems of Kamala Das have been taken. Those poems are as follows: 01. The Dance of the Eunuchs 02. In Love 03. An Introduction Some beautiful poems of Sarojini Naidu also have been taken. Those poems are as follows: 01. The Queen's Rival 02. To My Fairy Francis 03. The Pardah Nashin 04. Village Song 05. Awake 06. Summer Woods 07. If You Call Me 08. Caprice 09. The Soul's Prayer 10. Songs of Radha - Kanhaya 1

William Congreve: An Introduction

 William Congreve is a very popular playwright of England. He is best known for his masterpiece The Way of the World . It is he who shaped the English comedy of manners. He is the most popular dramatist of Restoration Period.     William Congreve was born in England on 24 January, 1670. In 1681 he was sent to school at Kilkenny, Eton of Ireland. He joined Trinity College, Dubline in 1686. His first play The Old Bachelor offered him fantastic fame. Dryden appreciated this play and called it a brilliant play. He acquired much popularity for his brilliant comic dialogue. He got fantastic appreciation for his satirical portrayal. He received great acclaim for his ironical presentation of the manners people of his age.     Congreve's major plays are as follows: 1. The Old Bachelor (1693) 2. The Double Dealer (1693) 3. Love for Love (1695) 4. The Way of the World (1700) Hareshwar Roy

Shakespeare's King Lear: Some Facts

  Introduction: * King Lear is a play by William Shakespeare. * King Lear is a tragedy in five acts. * King Lear was written in 1605- 06. The major characters of this tragedy are: 01. King Lear: King Lear is the king of Britain. He is an aged king. It is he who is the protagonist of this play. He suffers a lot due to some typical complexities in his character. He has three daughters named Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. He suffers a lot in the play due to the ingratitude of his two daughters- Goneril and Regan. He becomes mad and at the end of the play he dies. 02. Cordelia: Cordelia is one of the noblest heroins of William Shakespeare. She is the youngest daughter of King Lear. She is beautiful. She is sincere. She truly loves her father. She is the personification of filial love. Candidness and reticence are excellently blended in her character. Due to misconception of the king she does not get her share. The king of France accepts her as his queen. When King Lear becomes mad, Cor