The Express: A Summary

The Express: A Summary

‘The Express’ is a beautiful poem by Stephen Spender. It presents the beauty and majesty of an express train. The poem is quite interesting. It is because Spender finds beauty in a mechanical object like train. This poem deals with the power and majesty of a train journey. The poem begins with the departure of a train from the station. It departs with whistling. The poet says that the train glides like a queen without much fuss. It passes through the town, including humble houses and the gasworks, until it reaches the cemetery.
When the train moves beyond the town it gains speed. It begins to sing with the whistle at curves and tunnels. The wheels of the train maintain an ecstatic rhythm. The speed of the train creates strange shapes of the steam and smoke in the sky.
The journey takes the train to the edge of the world. It reaches the high and mountainous place at night. The illuminating train passes the hills with burning phosphorus.
In short, this poem portrays the exhilarating and powerful journey of a train. It highlights its grace, speed, and the emotions it evokes.


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