Questions for CCE Examination December 2023

CCE Examination December 2023
Class: M.A. III Semester
Subject: English Literature

Note: Attempt any two of the following questions from each paper. Separate answer sheet is to be prepared for each paper.

Paper I (Critical Theory)
Q1. Discuss 'Rasa Theory'.
Q2. Discuss elements of tragedy.
Q3. Discuss Wordsworth’s 'Theory of Poetry'.
Q4. Discuss Eliot’s 'Theory of Impersonality'.

Paper II (English Language)
Q1. Discuss language & its characteristics.
Q2. Describe organs of speech.
Q3. Write note on any three of the following:
(a) Dialect (b) Register (c) Allophones (d) Approaches of language study (e) Voice & Voiceless sounds.
Q4. Write difference between Phonetics & Phonology with illustrations.

Paper III (Indian Writing in English)
Q1. Give a character sketch of Savitri.
Q2. Write the summary of Wings of Fire.
Q3. Discuss Badal Sircar as a playwright.
Q4. Give a character sketch of Maya.

Paper IV (American Literature)
Q1. Discuss Emerson as an essayist.
Q2. Discuss Whitman as a poet of democracy.
Q3. Discuss Robert Frost as a pastoral poet.
Q4. Discuss the theme of Huckleberry Finn.

Note: All the students are directed to submit their assignments between 18/12/23/ to 21/12/23 from 12:00 AM to 03:00 PM. 


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