Questions for CCE Examination December 2023


Questions for CCE Examination December 2023
Class: M.A. I Semester
Subject: English Literature

Note: Attempt any two of the following questions from each paper. Separate answer sheet is to be prepared for each paper.

Paper I (Poetry)
Q1. Chaucer’s characters are individuals and types. Discuss.
Q2. Discuss Paradise Lost as an epic poem.
Q3. What do you understand by metaphysical poetry? Discuss its characteristics.
Q4. Discuss the Rape of the Lock as a social satire.

Paper II (Drama)
Q1. Give a character sketch of Shakuntala.
Q2. Discuss Hamlet’s madness.
Q3. Discuss Twelfth Night as a romantic comedy.
Q4. ‘Dr. Faustus reflects the spirit of Renaissance’. Discuss.

Paper III (Fiction)
Q1. Discuss quixotic elements in Don Quixote.
Q2. Discuss Tom Jones as a picaresque novel.
Q3. Discuss Kenilworth as a historical novel.
Q4. Write a note on humour and pathos in Great Expectations.

Paper IV (Prose)
Q1. Discuss different forms of prose writing.
Q2. Mention different qualities of Nehru we learn from his Autobiography. Also mention important incidents during his studentship in Harrow & Cambridge.
Q3. Write all you know about Kamala Das and her My Story.
Q4. Write a note on:
(a) Francis Bacon as an essayist with special reference to the essays you have studied.
(b) William Hazlitt as an essayist.

Note: All the students are directed to submit their assignments between 18/12/23/ to 21/12/23 from 12:00 AM to 02:30 PM. Every student has necessarily to present his /her assignment before the teacher of subjects concerned.


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