Bacon, Francis: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers - 02

Bacon, Francis: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers - 02
01. What was the name of Bacon’s father?
a. Nicholas Bacon
b. Edward Bacon
c. William Bacon
d. Charles Bacon
Answer: a. Nicholas Bacon
02. What was the name of Bacon’s mother?
a. Lousie
b. Cleopatra
c. Anne Cooke
d. Jane Amanda
Answer: c. Anne Cooke
03. Which university did Francis Bacon attend?
a. Cambridge
b. Oxford
c. Edinburgh
d. BHU
Answer: a. Cambridge
04. Francis Bacon studied in:
a. King's College
b. Christi College
c. Trinity College
d. St. John's College
Answer: c. Trinity College
05. When was Francis Bacon knighted?
a. 1601
b. 1602
c. 1603
d. 1604
Answer: c. 1603
06. Francis Bacon was knighted in 1603 in the reign of:
a. Elizabeth I
b. James I
c. Edward I
d. Charles I
Answer: b. James I
07. When was Francis Bacon appointed as Lord Chancellor?
a. 1615
b. 1616
c. 1617
d. 1618
Answer: d. 1618
08. Who appointed Francis Bacon as Lord Chancellor?
a. Queen Elizabeth I
b. King James I
c. King Charles I
d. Queen Anne
Answer: b. King James I
09. Why was Francis Bacon dismissed from the office of Lord Chancellor?
a. For taking bribes
b. For writing an article
c. For abusing the king
d. For loving a lady
Answer: a. For taking bribes
10. Francis Bacon was convicted of corruption and sentenced to imprisonment in the Tower of London in:
a. 1618
b. 1621
c. 1630
d. 1621
Answer: d. 1621
11. Francis Bacon stayed in jail for:
a. Seven years
b. Seven months
c. Seven weeks
d. A Few days
Answer: d. A Few days
12. During his imprisonment Francis Bacon wrote:
a. Novum Organum
b. The Advancement of Learning
c. Essays
d. None of the above
Answer: d. None of the above
13. After his release from prison Francis Bacon lived for:
a. Around 3 years
b. Around 4 years
c. Around 5 years
d. Around 6 years
Answer: c. Around 5 years


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