The Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

The Bangle Sellers: Sarojini Naidu

01. Who is Sarojini Naidu?
(a) A doctor
(b) A lawyer
(c) A poet
(d) A reporter
Ans: (c) A poet
02. When was Sarojini Naidu born?
(a) 13 February 1879
(b) 2 March 1881
(c) 8 September 1877
(d) 27 January 1884
Ans: (a) 13 February 1879
03. Where was Sarojini Naidu born?
(a) Hyderabad
(b) Mumbai
(c) Kolkata
(d) Chennai
Ans: (a) Hyderabad
04. Who is known as the ‘Nightingale of India’?
(a) Asha Bhonsale
(b) Lata Mangeskar
(c) Sarojini Naidu
(d) Suraiya
Ans: (c) Sarojini Naidu
05. Sarojini Naidu is known as the Nightingale of:
(a) India
(b) Pakistan
(c) England
(d) China
Ans: (a) India
06. What was the nickname of Sarojini Naidu?
(a) Nightingale of India
(b) Queen of Poetry
(c) Lady of Freedom
(d) Princess of Literature
Ans: (a) Nightingale of India
07. Which Indian University did Sarojini Naidu attend?
(a) Calcutta
(b) Bombay
(c) Madras
(d) Delhi
Ans: (c) Madras
08. Which University of England did Sarojini Naidu attend?
(a) University of Edinburgh
(b) University of Manchester
(c) University of Oxford
(d) University of Cambridge
Ans: (d) University of Cambridge
09. Which college in Cambridge did Sarojini Naidu attend?
(a) Girton College
(b) Queen’s College
(c) Jesus College
(d) Magdalen College
Ans: (a) Girton College
10. What was the original name of Sarojini Naidu?
(a) Padmini Mukhopadhyay
(b) Sarojini Chattopadhyay
(c) Sarojini Bandopadhyay
(d) Sarojini Gangopadhyay
Ans: (b) Sarojini Chattopadhyay
11. The name of the husband of Sarojini Naidu was:
(a) Govindarajulu Naidu
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) Feroze Gandhi
Ans: (a) Govindarajulu Naidu
12. Sarojini Naidu was elected as the President of the Indian National Congress in:
(a) 1925
(b) 1929
(c) 1932
(d) 1936
Ans: (a) 1925
13. Sarojini Naidu was appointed the governor of Uttar Pradesh in:
(a) 1947
(b) 1948
(c) 1949
(d) 1950
Ans: (a) 1947
14. In 1947, Sarojini Naidu was appointed as the governor of:
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Bihar
(d) Bengal
Ans: (b) Uttar Pradesh
15. Sarojini Naidu died in:
(a) 1948
(b) 1949
(c) 1950
(d) 1951
Ans: (b) 1949
16. Where did Sarojini Naidu die?
(a) Patna
(b) Delhi
(c) Lucknow
(d) Hyderabad
Ans: (c) Lucknow
17. What was the cause of the death of Sarojini Naidu?
(a) Heart attack (Cardiac arrest)
(b) Cancer
(c) Pneumonia
(d) Tuberculosis
Ans: (a) Heart attack (Cardiac arrest)
18. Sarojini Naidu’s first Volume of poetry was:
(a) The Golden Threshold
(b) The Feather of the Dawn
(c) The Bird of Time
(d) The Broken Wing
Ans: (a) The Golden Threshold
19. When was ‘The Golden Threshold’ published first?
(a) 1903
(b) 1904
(c) 1905
(d) 1906
Ans: (c) 1905
20. The ‘Bangle Sellers’ is:
(a) A poem
(b) A long story
(c) A short story
(d) A novella
Ans: (a) A poem
21. The ‘Bangle Sellers’ is:
(a) A play
(b) A story
(c) A poem
(d) A novel
Ans: (c) A poem
22. The ‘Bangle Sellers’ has been composed by:
(a) Toru Dutt
(b) Tagore
(c) Sarojini Naidu
(d) Wordsworth
Ans: (c) Sarojini Naidu
23. The ‘Bangle Sellers’ is a composition by:
(a) Tagore
(b) Nirala
(c) Sarojini Naidu
(d) Wordsworth
Ans: (c) Sarojini Naidu
24. The ‘Bangle Sellers’ was first published in:
(a) 1910
(b) 1912
(c) 1914
(d) 1916
Ans: (b) 1912
25. The ‘Bangle Sellers’ of Sarojini Naidu is included in:
(a) The Golden Threshold
(b) The Feather of the Dawn
(c) The Bird of Time
(d) The Broken Wing
Ans: (c) The Bird of Time
26. Sarojini Naidu’s ‘The Bird of Time’ was published in:
(a) 1910
(b) 1912
(c) 1914
(d) 1916
Ans: (b) 1912
27. How many lines are there in the ‘Bangle Sellers’?
(a) Twenty lines
(b) Twenty Four lines
(c) Thirty lines
(d) Fifty lines
Ans: (b) Twenty Four lines
28. How many stanzas are there in the ‘Bangle Sellers’?
(a) Two Stanzas
(b) Three Stanzas
(c) Four Stanzas
(d) Five Stanzas
Ans: (c) Four Stanzas
29. Each stanza of the ‘Bangle Sellers’ consists of:
(a) Three lines
(b) Four lines
(c) Five lines
(d) Six lines
Ans: (d) Six lines
30. The rhyme scheme of each stanza of the ‘Bangle Sellers’ is:
Ans: (c) AABBCC
31. Who is the speaker in the poem the ‘Bangle Sellers?’
(a) The bangle sellers
(b) The readers
(c) The ladies
(d) The players
Ans: (a) The bangle sellers
32. What is being referred to as 'shining loads'?
(a) The baskets
(b) The babies
(c) The bangles
(d) None
Ans: (c) The bangles
33. The bangle sellers are trying to sell their bangles in:
(a) The temple fair
(b) The park
(c) The street
(d) The village
Ans: (a) The temple fair
34. The bangle sellers choose the temple fair to sell their bangles because:
(a) The temple fair attracts a lot of women
(b) The temple fair attracts a lot of children
(c) The temple fair attracts a lot of milkmen
(d) The temple fair attracts a lot of carpenters
Ans: (a) The temple fair attracts a lot of women
35. The phrase ‘Rainbow-tinted circles of light’ refers to:
(a) The bangle seller
(b) The multi coloured bangles
(c) The buyers
(d) The temple fair
Ans: (b) The multi coloured bangles
36. In the ‘Bangle Sellers’, bangles are tokens of:
(a) Dull lives
(b) Radiant lives
(c) Slow lives
(d) Fast lives
Ans: (b) Radiant lives
37. The meaning of ‘lustrous’ is:
(a) Shining
(b) Dazzling
(c) Sparkling
(d) All of the above
Ans: (d) All of the above
38. The figure of speech used in the line ‘Lustrous tokens of radiant lives’ is:
(a) Metaphor
(b) Simile
(c) Alliteration
(d) Personification
Ans: (a) Metaphor
39. Which poem of Sarojini Naidu describes the significance of bangles?
(a) The Palanquin Bearers
(b) The Song of Radha
(c) The Bangle Sellers
(d) In the Forest
Ans: (c) The Bangle Sellers
40. Who are the buyers of the bangles?
(a) Princesses and queens
(b) Rich merchants and traders
(c) Women of all age group
(d) Foreign tourists
Ans: (c) Women of all age group
41. What is the tone of the poem the ‘Bangle Sellers’?
(a) Somber
(b) Hopeful
(c) Celebratory
(d) Critical
Ans: (c) Celebratory
42. The major theme of the poem the ‘Bangle Sellers’ is:
(a) Celebration of birthday
(b) Celebration of marriage
(c) Celebration of womanhood
(d) Celebration of holi
Ans: (c) Celebration of womanhood
43. The poem the ‘Bangle Sellers’ is about:
(a) Foreigners
(b) Indian warriors
(c) Indian woman and tradition
(d) Cricket players
Ans: (c) Indian woman and tradition
44. The golden or yellow coloured bangles are suitable for:
(a) A widow
(b) An old lady
(c) An experienced lady
(d) A bride
Ans: (d) A bride
45. The bangles of purple and gold-flecked grey colour suit to:
(a) Unmarried girls
(b) Middle-aged woman
(c) Old woman
(d) Newly wedded girl
Ans: Middle-aged woman
46. What types of bangles are suitable for a maiden's wrist?
(a) Red and yellow coloured bangles
(b) Green and purple Coloured bangles
(c) Silver and blue coloured bangles
(d) White and grey coloured bangles
Ans: (c) Silver and blue coloured bangles
47. Silver and blue colors are compared to:
(a) The sky
(b) The rainbow
(c) The mountain mist
(d) The evening
Ans: The mountain mist
48. Silver and blue colours symbolize:
(a) The freshness of old ladies
(b) The freshness of young maidens
(c) The freshness of mature ladies
(d) The freshness of rivers
Ans: (b) The freshness of young maidens
49. The prospective buyers of the bangles are:
(a) Children
(b) Old men
(c) Widows
(d) Happy daughters and wives
Ans: (d) Happy daughters and wives
50. The figure of speech used in the ‘buds that dream’is:
(a) Simile
(b) Metaphor
(c) Alliteration
(d) Personification
Ans: (d) Personification


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