Tennyson as a Representative Poet of Victorian Period.

Discuss Tennyson as a representative poet of Victorian period.

Lord Tennyson is widely regarded as the representative poet of the Victorian period. His poetry embodies the ideals, themes and sensibilities of his era. His compositions reflect the social, cultural, and intellectual concerns of Victorian society. The key characteristic of his poetry is his exploration of the human condition and the complex emotions of individuals. Tennyson's poetry delves deep into the psychological and emotional landscapes of his era. He discusses themes of loss, mortality and faith in ‘Ulysses’ and ‘In Memoriam’. These compositions deal also with the search for meaning in a rapidly changing world.
The Victorian era was facing many challenges. It was suffering from uncertainties. This era was deeply concerned with questions of morality, duty, and social progress. Tennyson addressed all these themes in his works. In ‘The Lady of Shalott’ Tennyson talks about the consequences of breaking societal norms. According to the poet the tension between personal desires and social expectations affects the human life.
Tennyson's poetry often carries a moral message of the social order. It reflects the Victorian obsession with moral rectitude. Due to his popularity and recognition as a representative Victorian poet, he was appointed as the Poet Laureate in 1850. This official position made him a symbolic figurehead of Victorian literature and culture. Through his role as Poet Laureate, Tennyson not only shaped the literary landscape of the Victorian era but also represented the voice of the nation. He brilliantly presented the spirit of the times in his poetry.
Moreover, Tennyson's poetic style and craftsmanship show his Victorian commitment to technical precision and formal beauty. Tennyson's poems exhibit a remarkable command of language and imagery. His use of vivid and evocative descriptions, his skillful employment of meter and rhyme and his mastery of poetic forms and structures demonstrate his adherence to Victorian ideals of artistic excellence.
Tennyson's poetry encapsulates the ethos of the era. It deals with the values, concerns and aspirations of the Victorian society. In short, Tennyson is regarded as a representative poet of the Victorian period due to his presentation of the human condition, his expression of moral and social issues and his commitment to technical precision.


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