Character Sketch of Santiago of The Old Man and the Sea

Character Sketch of Santiago of The Old Man and the Sea
Santiago is the protagonist of Ernest Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea. He is an elderly Cuban fisherman. Continuously he does not catch even a single fish for 84 days. Due to this failure he earns the reputation of being unlucky. In spite of this, Santiago displays remarkable strength and determination throughout the story.
In The Old Man and the Sea Santiago is depicted as a simple and humble man. He has a deep love for the sea. He has a strong sense of purpose. He is driven by his passion for fishing. He is desirous to prove himself victor. His age and black spot of bad luck do not appear as barrier in his way. Santiago's determination is evident in his decision to go far out into the sea.
The most prominent trait of Santiago is his endurance. He faces tremendous physical challenges during his battle with the Marlin. He bravely faces exhaustion, pain, and hunger. Despite the insurmountable odds Santiago demonstrates his indomitable spirit. He refuses to accept defeat. He shows his unwavering commitment to his goal.
Santiago has deep respect for nature. He has the sense of kinship with the sea. These are also notable aspects of Santiago's character. He displays a profound understanding of the rhythms of the sea, its currents and its inhabitants. He considers Marlin as his worthy opponent. In spite of that he has great reverence for it. It exemplifies his appreciation for the natural world. This respect for nature can be seen in his interactions with the birds, sharks and other marine life.
Santiago is depicted as a solitary figure. He is largely isolated from society. His only companion is a young boy named Manolin. Manolin goes with him to fish. But he has been forced to leave due to Santiago's ill-fated streak. But Santiago maintains a strong bond with Manolin. He serves as a mentor for him. Their relationship symbolizes the passing down of wisdom and values from one generation to the next.
Throughout the novel, Santiago exhibits an unwavering belief in his own worth. He faces hardships with patience. He never loses his self-respect. He never suffers from despair. Santiago's character represents the triumph of the human spirit and the quest for personal fulfillment.
In short, the character of Santiago is a mixture of many appreciable qualities. He is the symbol of endurance. His unwavering commitment to his goal makes him a compelling character in literature.


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