Character Sketch of Cleopatra of All for Love.

Cleopatra is the heroine of the play All for Love. She is the queen of Egypt and the beloved of Mark Antony. She is regarded as the epitome of beauty. She is intelligent and deeply passionate.
Cleopatra is a skilled politician and diplomat. She knows how to manipulate to achieve her goals. She uses her intelligence and charm for that. She is fiercely devoted to Egypt. She is willing to protect her kingdom and maintain her power.
Despite her political confidence, Cleopatra has been portrayed as a deeply emotional and passionate lady. She is deeply in love with Antony. Her love for him is so strong that she is willing to betray her own country and her own people. She is ready to go to any extent for her love. At the end she commits suicide to meet his lover Antony in the heavens.
Cleopatra's passion and emotions often lead her to make impulsive decisions. Those decisions have disastrous consequences. She is shown to be volatile and unpredictable. Her actions often have unintended consequences that she is unable to foresee.
Despite her flaws, Cleopatra is also portrayed as a strong and independent woman. She is not afraid to challenge societal norms and expectations. She is a feminist icon. She defies the gender roles of her time and asserts her independence and autonomy.
In short, Cleopatra is a complex and multifaceted character. She is driven by her passions and her love for Antony. She is a tragic heroine whose downfall is caused by her own impulsive decisions. She is not able to balance her personal desires with her duties to her country. Despite her flaws, Cleopatra is a sympathetic character.


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