National Education- Mahatma Gandhi by M.K. Gandhi: Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Q.01. Gandhi wanted that all schools of India should teach the technique of cloth production as:
(a) It will pay for the education of our students
(b) It will teach them an occupation on which they can fall back in after-life
(c) It will make them self-reliant
(d) All the above
Ans: (d) All the above
Q.02. Gandhi condemns the textbooks for:
(a) Text books do not teach students what is right and what is wrong in the home life
(b) Text books do not teach students to have any pride of their surroundings.
(c) At the end of education students become estranged from their surroundings.
(d) All the above
Ans: (d) All the above
Q.03. According to Gandhi, our children should be taught to:
(a) Despise labour
(b) Dignity of labour
(c) Look upon manual labour with disfavor
(d) Look with contempt to manual labour
Ans: (b) Dignity of labour
Q.04. Which Universal labour Gandhi wanted to promote?
(a) Agriculture
(b) Hand spinning
(c) Hand weaving
(d) All the above
Ans: (d) All the above
Q.05. According to Gandhi, education should be given in:
(a) International language
(b) Foreign language
(c) Hindi
(d) Vernacular
Ans: (d) Vernacular
Q.06. Education of the heart can be imparted through:
(a) Books
(b) Living touch of the teacher
(c) Cloth production
(d) Agriculture
Ans: (b) Living touch of the teacher
Q.07. According to Gandhi, the medium of teaching in foreign language has caused:
(a) Brain fag
(b) Put an undue strain upon the nerves of our children
(c) Made students crammers and imitators
(d) All the above
Ans: (d) All the above
Q.08. According to Gandhi, the greatest tragedy of the existing education system is:
(a) Foreign medium
(b) Teaching in vernaculars
(c) Foreign culture
(d) International diplomacy
Ans: (a) Foreign medium
Q.09. When was Gandhi born?
(a) 1867
(b) 1868
(c) 1869
(d) 1870
Ans: (c) 1869
Q.10. Where was Gandhi born?
(a) Porbandar
(b) Champaran
(c) Vardha
(d) Rajgir
Ans: (a) Porbandar
Q.11. Gandhiji is popular as:
(a) Guru.
(b) Netaji
(c) Iron Man
(d) Mahatma
Ans: (d) Mahatma
Q.12. Who called Gandhiji as Mahatma?
(a) Nehru
(b) Patel
(c) Subhash
(d) Tagore
Ans: (d) Tagore
Q.13. Who is known spiritual guru of M.K. Gandhi?
(a) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(b) Tilak
(c) Leo Tolstoy
(d) Gorky
Ans: (c) Leo Tolstoy
Q.14. Who is known as the political guru of Gandhiji?
(a) Gokhale
(b) Tilak
(c) Tagore
(d) Leo Tolstoy
Ans: (a) Gokhale
Q.15. What is the name of Gandhi's father?
(a) Ramdas Gandhi
(b) Krishna Das Gandhi
(c) Ravidas Gandhi
(d) Karamchand Gandhi
Ans: (d) Karamchand Gandhi
Q.16. What is the name of Gandhi's mother?
(a) Rambai
(b) Shyambai
(c) Putlibai
(d) Hulsibai
Ans: (c) Putlibai
Q.17. The name of Gandhi's wife is:
(a) Kasturba
(b) Ramkumari
(c) Lilavati
(d) Padmini
Ans: (a) Kasturba
Q.18. When was Gandhi assassinated?
(a) 1947
(b) 1948
(c) 1949
(d) 1950
Ans: (b) 1948
Q.19. Where was Gandhi cremated?
(a) Rajghat
(b) Banaras Ghat
(c) Buxur
(d) Allahabad
Ans: (a) Rajghat
Q.20. National Education is an essay by:
(a) Nehru
(b) Indira
(c) Gandhi
(d) Subhash
Ans: (c) Gandhi
Q.21. National Education was published in:
(a) Keshri
(b) Young India
(c) Aryavarta
(d) Harijan
Ans: (b) Young India
Q.22. When was ‘National Education’ published?
(a) 1 September, 1919
(b) 1 September, 1920
(c) 1 September, 1921
(d) 1 September, 1922
Ans: (c) 1 September, 1921


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