William Congreve: An Introduction

 William Congreve is a very popular playwright of England. He is best known for his masterpiece The Way of the World. It is he who shaped the English comedy of manners. He is the most popular dramatist of Restoration Period.
    William Congreve was born in England on 24 January, 1670. In 1681 he was sent to school at Kilkenny, Eton of Ireland. He joined Trinity College, Dubline in 1686. His first play The Old Bachelor offered him fantastic fame. Dryden appreciated this play and called it a brilliant play. He acquired much popularity for his brilliant comic dialogue. He got fantastic appreciation for his satirical portrayal. He received great acclaim for his ironical presentation of the manners people of his age.
    Congreve's major plays are as follows:
1. The Old Bachelor (1693)
2. The Double Dealer (1693)
3. Love for Love (1695)
4. The Way of the World (1700)
Hareshwar Roy


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