M.A. English Sem.I: Sample Question Paper of Paper- III (Fiction) for Hogher Education M.P.

 English Literature -Paper III (Fiction)
Section-A (Objective Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all questions. Each question carries 02 marks. 
Q.1. Choose the correct option: 5x2 =10
(i) Don Quixote was originally written in:
a. English
b. Spanish
c. Russian
d. Polish
(ii) Tom Jones is a:
a. Gothic novel
b. Historical novel
c. Picaresque novel
d. Realistic novel
(iii) Who is the heroine of Kenilworth:
a. Sophia
b. Molly
c. Amy
d. Dulcinea
(iv) Name the brother of Maggie:
a. Deane
b. Stephen
c. John
d. Alfred
(v) Who was the benefactor of Pip:
a. Compeyson
b. Herbert
c. Magwitch
Section-B ( Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt any five questions. Each question carries 07 marks. 5x7= 35
Q2. Discuss the theme of Kadambari.
Q3. Write a character sketch of Sancho Panza.
Q4. Bring out the characteristics of Tom Jones' personality.
Q5. Discuss characterisation of Henry Esmond.
Q6. Discuss Robinson Crusoe as an adventure novel.
Q7. Discuss the character of Varney.
Q8. Discuss the plot construction of The Mill on the Floss.
Q9. Write a brief note on the characterisation in Jane Eyre.
Q10. Justify the title of Great Expectations.
Q11. Discuss the plot construction of Nana.
Section-C (Long Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt any two questions. Each question carries 20 marks. 2x20 = 40
Q12. Discuss Don Quixote as a parody of medieval chivalry.
Q13. Discuss Tom Jones as a picaresque novel.
Q14. Evaluate The Mill on the Floss as a domestic tragedy.
Q15. Discuss Kenilworth as a historical novel.
Q16.Discuss the elements of humour and pathos in Great Expectations.
Q17. Discuss Daniel Defoe as a novelist.


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