M.A. English Sem.I: Sample Paper of Paper- III (Fiction) for Higher Education M.P.

 M.A. Sem. I (English)- Paper III (Fiction)

Section - A (Objective Type Questions)
Q1. Choose the correct option: 5x2=10
i. The Author of Kadambari is:
a. Kalidas
b. Valmiki
c. Kautilya
d. Banabhatt
ii. Don Quixote is a notable work by:
a. Tolstoy
b. Hemingway
c. Cervantes
d. Dickens
iii. Who is known as the father of English fiction:
a. Chaucer
b. Aristotle
c. Fielding
d. Ibsen
iv. Moll Flanders is a novel by:
a. Fielding
b. Daniel Defoe
c. Lawrence
d. Jane Austen
v. Nana is a novel by
a. Emily Dickinson
b. Emily Giffin
c. Emily Bronte
d. Emile Zola
Section - B ( Short Answer Type Questions)
Q2. Answer any FIVE of the following questions: 5x7=35
i. Discuss Kadambari as a romantic fiction.
ii. Give a short introduction of Cervantes.
iii. Give a character sketch of Molly.
iv. Discuss Defoe as a novelist.
v. Discuss Scott as a historical novelist..
vi. Sketch the character of Henry Esmond.
vii. Write the major theme of The Mill on the Floss.
viii. Give a character sketch of Pip.
ix. What is the main theme of Zola's Nana.
x. What do you know about Jane Eyre?
Section - C (Long Answer Type Questions)
Q3. Answer any TWO of the following questions: 2x20= 40
i. Write the summary of Don Quixote.
ii. Discuss Fielding as the father of English novel.
iii. Discuss Tom Jones as a picaresque novel.
iv. 'Kenilworth is a bending of history and romance'. Discuss
v. Discuss Dickens as a novelist.


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