M.A. English Sem.I: Sample Paper of Paper- II (Drama) for Higher Education M.P.

M.A. Sem. I (English)- Paper II (Drama)
Section - A (Objective Type Questions)
Q1. Choose the correct option: 5x2=10
i. Kalidas is the author of:
a. Kadambari
b. Malavikagnimitra
c. Ramayan
d. Geet Govind
ii. The name of Hamlet's mother is:
a. Olivia
b. Miranda
c. Gertrude
d. Rosalind
iii. The changed name of Viola is::
a. Olivia
b. Orsino
c. Cesario
d. Malvolio
iv. Miranda is the daughter of:
a. Claudius
b. Prospero
c. King Lear
d. Macbeth
v. The name of the youngest daughter of King Lear is:
a. Portia
b. Regan
c. Cordelia
d. Goneril
Section - B ( Short Answer Type Questions)
Q2. Answer any FIVE of the following questions: 5x7=35
i. Define tragedy.
ii. What do you know about Sophocles.
iii. Discuss Kalidas as a playwright.
iv. What do you know about Ophelia?
v. Sketch the character of Viola.
vi. Write a short note on 'University Wits'.
vii. Discuss Ben Jonson as a playwright.
viii. Write a short note on Mephistophilis.
ix. Dicuss the role of Ariel in The Tempest.
x. Discuss Hamlet's problem in short.
Section - C (Long Answer Type Questions)
Q3. Answer any TWO of the following questions: 2x20= 40
i. Discuss the major theme of Oedipus Rex
ii. Is Hamlet's madness real? Discuss
iii. 'Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy'. Discuss.
iv. Does Dr. Faustus reflect the spirit of renaissance? Discuss.
v. Sketch the character of Shakuntala.


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