M.A. English Sem.I: Sample Paper of Paper- I (Poetry) for Higher Education M.P.

M.A. Sem. I (English)- Paper I (Poetry)
Section - A (Objective Type Questions)
Q1. Choose the correct option: 5x2=10
i. Milton' Paradise Lost is:
a. an ode
b. a lyric
c. an elegy
d. an epic
ii. The Ramayan is a composition by:
a. Kalidas
b. Valmiki
c. Vyas
d. Tulsidas
iii. Chaucer belongs to:
a. 14th Century
b. 16th Century
c. 18th Century
d. 20th Century
iv. Coleridge is a:
a. Classical poet
b. Metaphysical poet
c. Neoclassical poet
d. Romantic poet
v. Zimri is a character of:
a. Chaucer
b. Shakespeare
c. Dryden
d. Pope
Section - B ( Short Answer Type Questions)
Q2. Answer any FIVE of the following questions: 5x7=35
i. Define epic with examples.
ii. What do you mean by 'Homeric Simile'. Discuss.
iii. Justify the title 'Sundarkanda'
iv. Write a note on Chaucer's Monk.
v. Discuss the symbolic significance of 'albatross' of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
vi. Write a short note on Shakespearean sonnet.
vii. Describe Metaphysical School of Poetry
viii. Describe 'conceit'.
ix. Give a character sketch of Belinda.
x. Write the major theme of Absalom and Achitophel.
Section - C (Long Answer Type Questions)
Q3. Answer any TWO of the following questions: 2x20= 40
i. Who is the hero of the Paradise Lost? Discuss.
ii. Discuss Chaucer as the father of English Poetry.
iii. Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales is a picture gallery of 14th Century England. Discuss.
iv. Discuss John Donne as a metaphysical poet.
v. Discuss The Rape of the Lock as a social satire.


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