Pride and Prejudice: The Title

 Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular novels of English language. Its reason is that it deals with the theme of marriage. The main theme of the novel surrounds love. In this novel there are various plots but they all are closely related to the main story. The characterization is also superb. The pride of Darcy and the prejudice of Elizabeth are the main characteristics of the novel. Thus the title of the novel seems quite suitable. It clearly reflects the main theme of the novel.

The story of the novel revolves round love. Apart from the main plot, all the three sub plots are centred round love. In the main plot Elizabeth and Darcy come together in spite of their previous differences. Darcy stands for pride whereas Elizabeth stands for prejudice. Another story is the love story of Jane and Bingley. They also are united in marriage after certain interruptions.

The marriage of Lydia and Wickham also takes place with the help of Darcy. In this plot we find that love is one sided. Lydia is a lady who loves Wickham. But Wickham does not love her. He simply runs away with her to insult Bennets. By this action he wants to enrage Elizabeth. It is because she refuses to marry him. The third sub plot deals with the marriage of Mr. Collins and Charlotte. Both of them do not show any inclination of love for each other. But all of a sudden they marry.

Thus we find that the sub plots support the main plot. All these love episodes make the story very pleasing. The love expressed by Jane Austen is neither aggressive nor passionate. It is the form of love found in ordinary persons of the world. This novel is very popular due to this interesting theme of love. Here the novelist has depicted the various forms of love.

Thus Pride and Prejudice is a very prestigious novel. It deals with love and marriage. The title is apt and justified. It is also popular due to its craftsmanship. The art of characterization is superb. The presentation of social life is praiseworthy. The study of women is the real essence of this novel. Here lies the depth of the novel. Everywhere we find penetrating study of human nature. 


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