Theme of the Novel Amriika by M. G. Vassanji

M.G. Vassanji’s fourth novel is Amriika. Once again it deals with the themes and ideas that recur throughout his novel. It is an excellent tale of immigrant experience. It explores the state of living in exile.

 In ‘More Personal Notes on the Book’ the author himself has expressed his views about this book. He says: 

 How far can political commitment and radical dissent go? How far west can you go? In Canada this novel, beginning in Boston-Cambridge in the Vietnam War era, was seen as documenting the travails of an immigrant; in India it was seen pre-cursing 9/11.The reader can draw his or her conclusion. “Amriika” is how Indians pronounce America.**

** M.G. Vassanji, “Amriika”. < http: // /personalNotes2.htm >.


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