Where the Mind is Without Fear: Summary

Where the Mind is Without Fear is a beautiful poem by R.N. Tagore. This poem is a prayer to God. It is a fantastic lyric taken from Gitanjali. This lyric is replete with patriotism and nationalism. Here the poet ardently longs for freedom, truthfulness and reason. In this poem the poet prays to God to awake his countrymen from the slumber. He again prays to God to make his countrymen bold, fearless, truthful, rational, God-fearing, noble and generous. Here Tagore requests the Almighty to lift his country to a state where freedom could be enjoyed  in the best way possible. For that the poet expects to see some qualities in his countrymen. These qualities are - fearlessness, dignity, knowledge, truthfulness, diligence, rationality and broad - mindedness. These qualities are essential to enjoy the freedom.


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