John Donne

John Donne was born in London in 1571 or 1572 and died there on 31 March 1631. He was a great poet. He is at the centre of the metaphysical school of poetry. This school is well known for its style. This style is marked by the use of conceits, wit, scholastic learning, arguments and elaboration of the poetic experience. It is also marked by passionate thinking. All these qualities of the metaphysical style are present in the poetry of Donne and his followers like Richard Crashaw, Henry Vaughan Thomas Carew, Andrew Marvell and Abraham Cowley.

It is said that John Donne fell in love with Anne More. He eloped with her and married. He was imprisoned for his love. His experience of love made him a great love poet. Some of his very well known love poems are The Anniversarie, The Good Morrow, The Extasie and The Canonization. His love poems show his intense personal moods as a lover and analyst of his own experience.


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