The Flute Player of Brindaban: A Summary

Sarojini Naidu is one of the greatest poets of India. She is a poet of versatile genius. She has composed numerous beautiful poems. The Flute Player of Brindaban is one of them. It is a highly devotional poem that deals with devotional love. It belongs to the Indian bhakti tradition.

The speaker in the poem is the poetess herself. Here she appears as a great devotee who exhibits her deep love for her divine lover, Lord Krishna. She seeks a spiritual union with him. Here she shows her great fascination for the sweet music of Krishna’s flute. In order to enjoy this music she is ready to follow him wherever he goes. She is prepared to face any danger that comes in her way.

In the beginning part of the poem Sarojini Naidu says that Lord Krishna played his flute under the tree of Kadamba. The music of his flute is so moving that it fills her heart with extreme happiness and joy. It is difficult for the poet to live without this music. That is why she has decided to follow him.

In the middle part of the poem Naidu says that for the sake of the music of Krishna’s flute she has given up all earthly relationship of love and worldly allurements. She is wandering here and there like a homeless bird. Now she is ready to follow the call of Krishna’s magical flute. The poet is so impressed by the music of Lord Krishna’s flute that she is prepared to go to the grove of Lord Indra. She is ready even to go to the court of Yama, the lord of death. Indra’s grove has been described as a place where beautiful flowers bloom throughout the year and immortal streams flow. The court of Yama has been presented as a place of darkness and sadness.

In the last part of the poem the poet says that she is completely unable to check herself to follow Lord Krishna. No danger can stop her to follow him and to enjoy the nectar of the music of Krishna’s flute. In short, the present poem deals with the deep love of the poet for the music of Krishna’s flute.


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