My Bank Account by Stephen Leacock: A summary

 My Bank Account is a beautiful humorous tale by Stephen Leacock. Mr. Leacock was a professor of political science at McGill University. In My Bank Account he himself is at the centre. He says that he was always afraid of a bank. But when his salary increased, he decided to open an account and save some money. Before this he had never visited a bank. He was not familiar with the method of opening a bank account. So when he went there, he became nervous to see the atmosphere of the bank. 

He went to the accountant. He requested him that he wanted to talk to the manager in private. The accountant accepted his request and took him to the manager. The manager thought that he was a detective or a rich man. So he took him to a private room. There in the private room he told the manager that he wanted to open an account with fifty-six dollars. Changing his attitude the manager sent him back to the accountant. His account was opened and he got his cheque book. But he found that people in the bank were looking at him in a mocking way. He was too upset now.

At once the author remembered that he has no money for his present expense. So he thought to withdraw only six dollars for that purpose. In nervousness he wrote a cheque for fifty-six dollars, the whole amount of his account. He gave it to the clerk. 

The clerk was surprised. He asked him if he wanted to draw the whole amount. In nervousness he answered in affirmative. He could not tell him that he had written the amount by mistake. All the employees of the bank were amazed to find such a customer. He got back all his money and his account was closed.

As he came out of the bank, he heard a big roar of laughter. Since then the author never used a bank. He kept his money with him.


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