THE ECSTASY By Sarojini Naidu

Sarojini Naidu is one of the greatest Indo-Anglican poets. She is called the nightingale of India. She is remembered as a poetess for the 'Golden Threshold', 'The Bird of Time' and 'The Broken Wing'. Her poetry is conspicuous for the vivid presentation of Indian atmosphere. Her poetry shows the influence of English Romantic poets. Despite her interest in the presentation of Indian atmosphere, Naidu shows no awareness for depicting contemporary reality.

Sarojini Naidu is a great nature poet. Her 'Ecstasy' is a marvellous piece of work. It is taken from her collection of poem entitled 'The Bird of Time'. The joyous experience of the spring season echoes in this poem. The poem reveals her aesthetic and sensuous attitude towards nature. When the poet beholds the beauties of spring, her heart leaps up. The fantastic beauty of the spring takes the poet away from the world of sorrow. Thus she invites all to celebrate and enjoy the spring season.

Sarojini's 'Ecstasy' is an expression of her abundant joy at the arrival of the spring. It can be divided into two parts on the basis of its theme. The first part deals with the joys offered by the spring. The second part exhorts us to forget the grief and pain of our worldly existence. Sarojini says that at the arrival of the spring flowers bloom everywhere. The cuckoos pour the songs of joy and happiness. The peacocks dance and the earth becomes the heaven. She advises that we should forget the grief and pain and we should enjoy the pleasures of the spring. She says:

O heart; let us sing,
The years are before us for weeping and sorrow
To- day it is spring!

The 'Ecstasy' is a short poem. It consists of 17 lines. Its rhyme scheme is abab. It is remarkable for its lucidity of diction and spontaneity of expression. It is important for the richness of melody, emotional intensity and Indian imagery. Through the repetition of phrase and exclamatory sentences, the poet expresses her joyous experience of the spring. The use of imperative sentences expresses the poet's ecstatic response.

The use of various rhetorical devices enhances the charm and gravity of this poem. Thus 'Ecstasy' is a fantastic poem by Naidu. It presents the beauty of nature and spellbinds the readers.


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