Morning Song By Sylvia Plath

 Sylvia Plath is one of the most renowned American poets of the 20th century. She has written many memorable poems. They deal with the experiments and tensions of domestic life and motherhood. Morning Song' is one of them. This fine poem is in the dramatic monologue.

'Morning Song' reveals the feelings of a mother for her baby. It echoes with a mother's love for her new born baby. In short, this poem expresses motherly fondness and pride. It expresses mixed feelings of compassion, apathy and anxiety.

'Morning Song' deals with motherhood. It starts with the arrival of a new baby. This new born baby is the result of love between husband and wife. The baby is too tiny to respond. But the mother makes conversation in a loving tone with it. Her manner is like that of a detached observer but not indifferent. The baby made its entry into this world with a bald cry. The baby's cry attracts the attention of the parents and other people. The baby is like a new state. It is born naked. This naked chid is the symbol of future safety of parents.

The poet describes her relationship to her baby. It is similar to the relationship shared by the cloud with the vapour. After the birth, both the mother and baby have separate identities. Later on the mother describes the physical self of the baby. The comparisons are interesting. The single cry of the baby brings the mother on her toes. Lying near the breasts of her mother, the baby emits some rhythmic sounds.

Thus 'Morning Song' expresses Plath's happy and satisfying relationship with her child. Her happiness is conveyed through interesting and stimulating imagery. She enjoys looking after her child. But the poem is also imbued with undertones of sadness.

The present poem is remarkable. The words used by Sylvia plath are symbolically notable. They vibrate with emotional intensity. Through this poem the poet draws the similarities between physical creativity with poetic creativity. Here she has glorified the motherhood in a woman's life. Her imagery is imbued with symbolic significance. The images are successful in embodying her mental state and attitude towards life. her diction is simple and appropriate to the theme.


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