Darcy is the hero of the novel 'Pride & Prejudice'. He appears almost in the beginning of the novel. He is a very wealthy young man. He is a very handsome and smart. But he has a weakness in his character. This weakness is that he suffers from pride. In the novel we find that he is a haughty man. Elizabeth's prejudice subsides in the end; there is never any abatement of Darcy's pride. Various characters of the novel also feel that pride has often been his best friend. This weakness of his character has formed the beginning part of the title of this novel.
          Pride is a general attribute of a rich man. As Darcy is a prosperous man, he also suffers from this weakness. He feels that any beautiful lady will be ready to marry her. At the dance occasion he does not regard Elizabeth as a suitable partner. Almost all the ladies regard him a proud young man. No lady would like to feel attraction towards such a person. Thus no woman feels the slightest attraction towards him.
          The behavior of Darcy is not descent. It is not gentlemanly. He rejects the proposal of dance and says he has not come there to dance with the girls who are rejected by others. His remark is very shocking. Elizabeth develops a prejudice against him. But soon Darcy finds that Elizabeth is very attractive and suitable for him. He wants to marry her. But Elizabeth does not accept his proposal. It is because she is lady of self-respect. Her rejection deeply hurts the pride of Darcy. The rejection brings revolutionary change in his character. He feels that his behavior with the women is unjust. Thus to win the love of Elizabeth he tries his best. He stoops to conquer her. At last he succeeds in doing so.
          Darcy is an intelligent man. He is a serious man and a loving brother. He looks after his sister with great care. He has love and honour even for his servants. That is why his servants call him a good and kind master. By nature he is a silent man. He does not believe in meaningless conversation. Gradually he comes out of the net of his pride.
          Thus Darcy is a beautiful and amazing character of the novel 'Pride and Prejudice'. He is the centre of attraction in the novel. The entire story of the novel revolves round him. On the whole, we can say that he is a living character.


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