Charles Dickens is one of the greatest novelists of English literature. He is known for his art of characterisation. In his 'A Tale of Two Cities', we get a lot of characters.  Charles Darnay is one of them. He is considered to be the hero of the novel. He is central character of the story. He plays his role from the beginning to the end of the story.
          Charles Darnay is a young man. He is well grown and well looking. He has sunburnt cheek and dark eyes. He belongs to a rich aristocratic family. But he has no attraction for prosperity. He wants to lead a peaceful and simple life in London. Thus he accepts the job of a teacher for his living. He is an ideal son who loves his mother ardently. He frequently goes to Paris to see her.
          Darnay is an impressive character. He is kind, generous and humanitarian. He is polite and he has love and kindness for the poor. Darnay and Lucie love each other. To lead a peaceful life he marries Lucie with the consent of her father. Before marriage he does not open his identity but later on he discloses his identity. Darnay's love for Miss Lucie is profound. His love letters to Lucie expose his true love. He says that Lucie is everything to him.
          Darnay loves his daughter very much. Though he loves Lucie deeply but he does not want to separate her from her father. He never tries to inflict injury to anyone. He is not jealous to Sydney Carton, though he knows that he has soft corner for Lucie.
          Darnay has a lot of heroic qualities. He goes to France even in the crucial hours. He hazards his life to save the life of Gabelle. In doing so he is arrested in France and sentenced to death. By the effort of his father-in-law he is released. But soon he is arrested again. He faces tribunal bravely. He does not want Carton to die for himself. Sydney could take the peace of Darnay in the prison because at that time he was unconscious.
          Thus Darnay is a marvellous character that has a lot of merits in his character. He is a true lover. He is always kind and generous. He loves the poor. At the same time he is a brave man who is ready to suffer for others.


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