Feminism has played a significant role in the contemporary literary criticism. It strongly advocates in favour of women. It deals with their problem of existence. It emphasizes on the equality of sexes and revolts against the discrimination against them. In the 1960s and 1970s feminism was primarily Western but since 1980s we find a large number of non-western writers getting seriously engaged in feminist debates. This has become an incessant support for the improvement and empowerment of women.
The feminists criticize a second and other place of women in society. They believe that the patriarchal system of society has been the root cause of women’s suffering. As a polemical movement its primary concern in literary criticism was to explore and combat the stereotype representation of women in literature. This marks an significant connection between literary criticism and feminism as a social movement.
Feminist movement creates self awareness in women. This self awareness helps to improve their life. Feminism does not only seek a place for women in literary texts but it seeks a place in society. Even today the condition of women in Indian society is pitiable. Though their place is better than previous but it is not satisfactory. The women are rejected before their birth through the abortion of fetus. If this is a scene in the society, we need to stress this issue through literary texts. Feminism is a supporting stone for women to preserve their identity, their existence. It is used to relieve women from the burden of patriarchal system. In short, Feminism helps to enrich and empower the life of women.


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