Last decade of the twentieth century marked the beginning of two eras in India-Computer Era and Mobile Era. Both computer and mobile have become part and parcel of our life. Like all other electronic equipments, Mobile was invented to make our life simpler. But what really happening is it is making life more complicated. 
The most important effect of mobile in today’s world is attack on our privacy. For the first time in the history of civilization, humans have lost their privacy. It has started to become a fun for people to capture other person’s private videos and upload them on internet. But, those who take that pictures and videos, they should remember one thing that he same can happen even to their mothers, sisters, wives or daughters. 
Let me add one more side effect of mobile. We can see people going to temples, churches and mosques for praying. Everyone wants some peace of mind. But even inside the holy place, a few won’t switch off phone. Even in prayers, half of their mind would be on mobile, whether it is ringing or not. If you can’t even focus on a prayer which last hardly for five minutes, how can one expect some peace of mind? 
A change that I noticed in last few years is the lack of mingling in the society. Last week I had a train trip. There was a group of college students sitting near me. But none of them were talking, or even looking at each other, instead, everyone was busy with phone. There was a time that everyone enjoyed such trips with friends. But now, the pleasure trips are getting reduced. We can see a set of humans with mobiles. That is the entire world for them. Even in hostels, you can’t see fights or chit chats among college students like earlier. One can see only a few souls in different dark corners of hostel building with a mobile, talking to someone special. Children don’t mind leaving parents for a day. But they can’t even imagine a day without mobile phone. Most of us are becoming addict to it. 
Another side effect, that has recently developed is the overlapping of personal and official life. Earlier, once when people left office, they were free till next day morning. But today, even at home one can see office conferences and other office works. And when they go to office, they will be worried with family matters, which they couldn’t take care of on previous day. What really happening is that parents don’t get sufficient time to look after their children properly. They quarrel to get a mobile even at school level. Parents are usually quite happy to gift mobile of so many features. Once children get mobile at a totally immature age, everyone knows what will happen. 


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