'The Lord of Flies' is a fine novel by Golding. Its art of characterisation is noteworthy. Jack is the next important character of this novel.
          Jack is the villain of this novel. When after a plane crash some small boys reach to an unknown island, they elect Ralph as their leader to lead an organised life. At this Jack feels insulted. Being an ambitious boy, he wanted to be the leader. Thus he conspires and succeeds.
          Jack replaces Ralph and becomes the new chief of the group. He is jealous. He is fond of hunting, parties and dancing. He does not care for the shelter and security of his friends. He soon turns the boys into savages. Thus they become bloodthirsty and danger to the human living. Jack is helped by Roger in his whims and activities.
          Jack's physical appearance is not impressive. He is a lean and thin boy. His face is ugly. He is tall and his eyes are always full of anger. As a cruel fellow he kills a lot of pigs. He is shrewd. He hates Ralph and tries to kill him. In short, he has all the constituents of a villain.

In fact, Jack is the symbol of primitive barbarism. Hunting is excursion for him. He is so cruel that he takes interest in torturing others. He beats Wilfred, tortures Sam and Erick and tries to kill Ralph. In short, Jack is the symbol of savagery.
Thus Jack is the villain of 'The Lord of Flies'. He is ambitious, autocratic and antagonistic. He always tries to be in limelight. He is a coward and cunning. He believes in conspiracy. By hook or by crook he wants to achieve his aim. Thus Jack is really the villain of the novel. The novelist has asserted all the important constituents of a villain in his character. It proves that Golding's art of characterization is superb.


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