William Golding is a great modern novelist of England. He is called Bunyan of the 20'Th century. He earned wide acclaim due to his novel  'The Lord of Flies'. This is a great novel on classical tradition. It is in the form of an allegory.

            William Golding's ' The Lord of Flies' is a beautiful novel about some small boys. Its plot is very simple and beautiful. This plot starts with a plane crash. After the plane crash some small boys reach an island which is full of fruits and clear cool water. To lead an organised life the boys elect Ralph as their leader. At this Jack feels insulted. Thus he conspires. He replaces Ralph and becomes the new chief of the group. Under his leadership the boys become savage. But in the end they repent on their deeds and come back safely.
On the basis of the plot Golding's 'The Lord of Flies' is regarded as a parody of 'Coral Island'. But the fact is that unlike 'Coral Island' the small boys of this novel find themselves in ideal surroundings. Thus it should not be treated as a parody of 'Coral Island'.
The title of the novel is very apt and appropriate. It has been taken from Jewish hierarchy of demons. Here Belzabub is called the lord of flies. He is a false god. The plot of the novel shows that the small boys are quarreling among themselves. Gradually they turn into savages. In this way they are found worshipping the lord of flies. Thus the title is justified.

'The Lord of Flies' deals with the modern world. Though this novel deals with the adventures of the boys yet the novelist has attempted to show the defects of human society and human nature. It is the story of man with his reverse development. The boys go from a civilized society but gradually they reach the level of barbarism and anarchy. The novelist wants to say that the world is not a reasonable place where power corrupts and man has to live with the darkness of human heart.
The style of the novel is poetic. Here the novelist has used a very simple and graceful language. It is full of irony, symbols, similes, metaphors and alliterations. Here rumours and superstitions are used with an aim.
Thus the 'The Lord of Flies' is an excellent novel with an excellent theme. Its plot, title and description of nature are fantastic.


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