G. B. Shaw is a prolific dramatist. His 'Arms and the Man' is a very famous anti- romantic comedy. It deals with many characters. Bluntschli is one of them. He is the hero of the play and the spokesman of the playwright.

          Bluntschli is the most important character of the play. He dominates from the beginning to the end. He embodies Shaw's realistic attitude to war and love. We come to know him first, when he enters Raina's room. He is a man of about thirty five years. He has energetic body and fine appearance. His face reflects the sense of humour. He is witty too. He is a Swiss but he has joined the Serbian army as professional soldier.
          Bluntschli is realistic through and through. He regards the cavalry charge of Sergius as an act of madness. He represents the anti- romantic view of war. He does not believe in heroism. According to him it is the duty of a soldier to live as long as he can. Thus he escapes from the battlefield and takes shelter in Raina's room. He uses Raina's cloak as a weapon to protect himself. He is entirely anti- romantic in his conversation with Raina. To Bluntschli food is more important on the front than ammunition. Thus Raina calls him a chocolate cream soldier.
          Bluntschli is a shrewd judge of human nature. Raina tries to deceive him but she does not succeed. Moreover, he is a man of quick understanding and penetrating insight. Everybody in the play acknowledges his intelligence. He is not only intelligent but diligent too. He is practical and anti- romantic. He is always argumentative. On this basis he brings about a change in Raina and succeeds in winning her hands.

          Bluntschli is a thorough gentleman. He keeps Raina's cloak with him for sometime and very soon he gives it to her. He tells Raina that he does not want to bring disgrace to her by remaining in her room all the night. So he shows the inclination to climb down the pipe. Raina remarks," I see that you are a gentleman". Bluntschli is always business like. He always remembers his duties. At last Raina agrees to marry him.
          Thus Bluntschli is really the hero of 'Arms and the Man'. This play is chiefly concerned with his practical life and morals. He is, no doubt, the mouthpiece of G. B. Shaw.  


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