Robert Lynd is one of the greatest essayists of the 20th century. His contribution to the English prose is memorable. As an essayist he followed the footsteps of Goldsmith, Charles Lamb and R. L. Stevenson.

          Robert Lynd wrote charming and delightful essays. His essays cover a wide range of topics. He could easily write on any subject. His essays deal with human fades and follies. He considered even ordinary and familiar aspects of life as fit subject matter for his essays.
          Robert Lynd is a personal and autobiographical essayist. His essays reveal his personality, his humour, his light-heartedness, his philosophical, reflective and retrospective moods. In his essays he recalls his early memories. It was he who gained sympathy and affection of his readers. Whatever be the subject, he gave personal touch to his essays.
          Humour, irony and satire are some important features of his essays. Robert Lynd is loved for his delightful humour. According to him humour is one of the saving graces of life. It is the support and sustenance of life. Robert Lynd is a master of irony and satire also. He is ranked as a gentle satirist. He beautifully exposes the frailties and foibles of mankind.
          Lynd's beautiful essay 'Noises' deals with noises in our life and man's attitude towards them. This essay is marked by a subtle sense of humour and irony. Here the essayist has taken a very familiar topic and has used a very delicate humour. Thus the subject matter of this essay has become very interesting.

          Robert Lynd's style is easy, graceful and lively. His language is beautiful and dignified throughout. It has no purple patches, no heightening of colour. Thus Lynd's style is elegant. Lynd never deviates from the main topic. Thus cohesion and unity of thought are the marked features of his style. In his essays we find unity of thought, felicity of diction, spontaneity of utterance and conversational ease. The words used in his essays are colloquial.
          Thus Robert Lynd is a very great essayist. His contribution to the modern English prose is memorable.  


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