Nirad C. Chaudhuri is one of the most prolific writers of Indian-English prose. He is indeed a top class Indo-Anglican writer. He has written a number of essays on various subjects. He is a peerless as a craftsman. He has contributed 14 books in English and Bengali. He came into fame as a prominent writer with the publication of his 'An Autobiography of an Unknown Indian.'

            Chaudhari's 'My Birth Place' is a fantastic prose piece. It is the first chapter of his most famous book named 'An Autobiography of an Unknown Indian.' In this piece the author has described the scenario of his birthplace Kishoreganj. This place has an indelible impression on the author's mind. The descriptions of the Brahamputra River during the rainy season are extremely readable.
"My Birth-Place' deals with Kishoreganj, the birth place of the author. This is a country town. The author describes it as a municipal and sub-divisional head quarters. This place consists of tin and mud huts or sheds. There are some official buildings like courts, schools, offices, shops and residential dwelling. These are raised by the British administration. The author deplores that Kishoreganj has nothing of the English country town about it. The huts of this country town are very flimsy and creaked at almost every wind. Thus the author has presented a beautiful and lively picture of his birthplace.

Chaudhuri gives a fine picturesque description of his birthplace. This place is situated on the river Brahmaputra. This river was the lifeline of the town. It was just like the Neil of Egypt. It had pools every two or three miles after. The town people drank its water, bathed in it and worshiped it. The animals like the cows and elephants were also washed in it. During the Monsoon the river became full with water. Now the author proceeds to describe the sights of the village when boat traffic started in the village river. This description is quite charming and fascinating. The details of the river, the rains and the boats show his spirit of minute observation.
 Thus 'My Birth-Place' is a fantastic piece of work. Here Chaudhuri stands as a courageous, cheerful, enthusiastic and humorous writer. He impresses the readers much.  His prose style has precision fused with erudition. It has clarity. In short, this piece of work is a fine piece of work by a matchless author.


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