Shelley is great romantic poet. He belongs to the second generation of Romantic poets. He is an advocate of Romanticism. He is a great lyric poet and he is the most romantic among all the romantic poets.

                   Shelley is known for his revolutionary idealism. It is said that he has contributed a new quality to English poetry. It is quality of ideality, freedom and spiritual audacity. These ideals are realised in his poetry. They imply a revolt against tradition. Shelley's revolutionary idealism can be enjoyed in his 'To A Skylark'.
                   Shelley is a Greek in thought. He is influenced by Plato. Platonic ideal of love and beauty is beautifully expressed in his finest poetry with classical simplicity. Shelley is a great optimist too. He is always interested in future than the past. He constantly looked forward to the future.
                    Shelley is famous for his lyricism. The lyrical rapture of his poetry is unique. His poetry has the appeal of the ear not of the eye. Most of his poems are full of lyricism and every word is full of musical cadence. There is a fine blending of musical melody and harmony in his poems. He is just like a perfect God singing in poetry.
                   Shelley is an ardent lover of Nature. He goes beyond the external beauty of Nature. He believes in the pantheism of Wordsworth. Nature is a living presence to him. Thus Shelley intellectualises Nature. In short, he invests Nature with intellect, feelings and sentiments.

                     Shelley believes that the world can be regenerated through love. He says that there would be no evil in the world if human relations are dominated by love. He hates didactic poetry. For him imagination is a great instrument of moral good.
                   To conclude, Shelley is a great Romantic poet. He is an incomparable lyricist. He is an ardent lover of Nature and liberty. His lyrics are impassioned and spontaneous. In his poems he dreams of a new world which would be dominated by love and liberty.


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