M.A. III Sem. English: Important Questions for Higher Education M.P.

M.A. III Sem ( English)

Paper I (Critical Theory)
1. Discuss the Concept of Rasa .
2. Discuss Aristotle’s theory of imitation.
3. Discuss sources of sublimity.
4. Discuss Eliot’s theory of impersonality.
Paper II (English Language)
1. Write about the approaches of study of language.
2. Write a note on organs of speech.
3. Write a short note on any two of the following.
A. Phoneme
B. Register
C. Dialects
Paper III (Indian Writing in English)
1. Discuss Tagore as a poet.
2. Write the summary of Savitri.
3. Discuss Badal Sircar as a playwright.
4. Give a character sketch of Maya.
Paper IV (American Literature)
1. Discuss Emerson as an essayist.
2. Discuss Whitman as a poet a democracy.
3. Discuss Eugene O’Neill as a playwright
4. Discuss Frost as a poet.


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